Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sorry, Your Princess is in Another Castle.

Hey there dear readers. Recently you may have come to my blog and been upset by its ostensible lack of existence. Well, I can explain... Long ago, I renamed this blog from vearland to vearpothesis. The one catch, I never really committed to it, that is to say I never changed the URL. This past week, I decided to commit to that change finally, and create two NEW blogs. vearpothesis.blogspot.com & veartheory.blogspot.com. The former will continue to serve as my crazy, artistic soapbox amidst the shifting unknowing masses the blogosphere, whereas the latter shall serve as a showcase for my best work, or, a portfolio site as it were. Vearpothesis will be the same old blog you never knew you were hoping to see, just at a different URL. I'll still post everything there... but it'll be a home for all of my weird, unfinished ideas. Veartheory (get it?) will be a place where one can find all of my finest work coalesced into one spot. No longer will you have to not scour the google for my other outposts on the internet! It's also free! So I won't have to shell out cash for a hosting service, see? we ALL win. And when we all win: America. So that's all folks, I'll keep this post here for a while to redirect traffic and then eventually I will close it forever, and release my white-knuckled strangle-hold on this blog domain, allowing it to swim free in the luminiferous ether of the internet...until maybe one day some other poor, naive and senseless person with the awesome misfortune of sharing my last name shall want to plant a flag in the internet with it.

One more time...

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